Pantone’s Carafe: brown wedding pinspiration

My last wedding colour inspiration board of the autumn (yes next week IS actually going to be December…) is Pantone’s comfortingly autumnal fall colour: carafe. This warm coffee hue is perfect both for brightening fair skins and cosying drab late … Continue reading

Plum wedding pinsipiration

Although plums come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, my interpretation of the colour plum is a bright purple with a hint of fuchsia: vibrant, juicy, tangy and unforgettable.  It makes a gorgeous colour for an autumn wedding. From … Continue reading

Deep lichen green wedding pinspiration

Deep lichen green is possibly Pantone’s most autumnal of autumn 2013 colours.  It’s a deep, dark, green, more khaki than mossy.  In my opinion, deep lichen green is a giver: it’s a warm, muted shade that will never steal the … Continue reading

Sublime citrine: November birthstone jewellery guide

Citrine is one of my absolute favourite gemstones – I love its warm golden hue. It’s also believed to increase self-esteem and happiness and protect against negativity.  What more could you want from a gemstone? Here are some of my … Continue reading

Pantone’s vivacious: fuchsia pink wedding pinspiration

Vivacious, one of Pantone’s autumn colours for 2013, is a deep, rich fuchsia pink.  It’s warm, sexy and confident, the kind of colour that lets your guests know they’re in for a good time at your wedding. Fuchsia pink is … Continue reading

Autumn wedding flowers: cheerful cosmos

It’s now dark in the mornings when I wake up and I need a coat when I leave the house, but some summer flowers still linger, soaking up the afternoon sun. One of my favourites of these late bloomers is … Continue reading

Pantone’s acai: purple wedding pinspiration board.

Acai, one of Pantone’s autumn 2013 colours, is a deep, dark purple.  It’s the colour that I chose for my own beautiful bridesmaids, because it’s a shade that suits almost everyone, works well for both daytime through to evening and … Continue reading