Fabulous flamingoes.

Do you know that flamingoes are pink because they eat prawns?  This was a new one on me until a year or two ago, when my young daughter came home from school, bursting with knowledge. Since then, I’ve started collecting … Continue reading

Linden green wedding pinspiration board

I’ve been developing a bit of a pistachio colour-crush and so am embracing Pantone’s linden green with enthusiasm.  For me, pistachio sits somewhere between lime, sage and mint; softer than lime, brighter than sage, yellower than mint. Pistachio, or linden … Continue reading

Honey Willow shop sale

My eldest child, Hugo, has just turned ten – and to celebrate, I’m having a 20% sale in my Etsy shop, for ten whole days. Instead of a birthday party, Hugo had his first ever sleepover, which involved lots of … Continue reading

Pink sapphires for September

I’ve got a big soft spot for pink.  It’s an optimistic, happy colour and there’s something calming and contented about it.  Sadly, it’s not an easy colour for me to wear, but I love seeing it on other people. This … Continue reading

Ombre wedding cakes

I adore ombre (or shaded) effect and I use it in my jewellery as much as possible. Right now, the ombre trend is all over wedding cakes.  You don’t see so many traditional, stiffly-iced plain white cake these days.  Gorgeous, … Continue reading

Red and blue wedding colour theme

Today, I’m taking inspiration from one of Pantone’s boldest autumn colours: samba.  This rich red will make a gorgeous colour for autumn and winter weddings. But summer is not quite over and the skies are still blue, so I’m contrasting … Continue reading

Pantone colours for autumn 2013

It seems a little premature to be thinking about autumn colours on a sunny August bank holiday…but September is just around the corner and it’s time for me to start looking at Pantone’s Fall 2013 colours. These colours will be … Continue reading

Magpie Workshop: artistic wedding favours

Today,  I would like to share with you the work of my friend Jeanne from Magpie Workshop. Jeanne makes exquisite collage art on a small-scale: bookmarks, notebooks, miniature shrines, tiny boxes and more.  She takes the subjects of Renaissance paintings … Continue reading

Dahlias – wedding flower inspiration

It’s dahlia season and here in Bath, this indomitably colourful, upright flower is in full bloom. The dahlia hasn’t always been the most fashionable flower, having a (not unfounded) reputation for being ever-present in suburban gardens and allotments and almost … Continue reading