Pantone’s Carafe: brown wedding pinspiration

My last wedding colour inspiration board of the autumn (yes next week IS actually going to be December…) is Pantone’s comfortingly autumnal fall colour: carafe. This warm coffee hue is perfect both for brightening fair skins and cosying drab late … Continue reading

Plum wedding pinsipiration

Although plums come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, my interpretation of the colour plum is a bright purple with a hint of fuchsia: vibrant, juicy, tangy and unforgettable.  It makes a gorgeous colour for an autumn wedding. From … Continue reading

Deep lichen green wedding pinspiration

Deep lichen green is possibly Pantone’s most autumnal of autumn 2013 colours.  It’s a deep, dark, green, more khaki than mossy.  In my opinion, deep lichen green is a giver: it’s a warm, muted shade that will never steal the … Continue reading

Mykonos blue: royal blue wedding pinspiration

Today is one of those precious, sunny autumn days here in Bath.  Everything is golden: the sunlight, the autumn leaves, the sandstone buildings, the November birthstone citrines here on my workshop table.  It’s the kind of day that you want … Continue reading

Pantone’s vivacious: fuchsia pink wedding pinspiration

Vivacious, one of Pantone’s autumn colours for 2013, is a deep, rich fuchsia pink.  It’s warm, sexy and confident, the kind of colour that lets your guests know they’re in for a good time at your wedding. Fuchsia pink is … Continue reading

Pantone’s acai: purple wedding pinspiration board.

Acai, one of Pantone’s autumn 2013 colours, is a deep, dark purple.  It’s the colour that I chose for my own beautiful bridesmaids, because it’s a shade that suits almost everyone, works well for both daytime through to evening and … Continue reading

Pantone’s koi: orange wedding pinspiration board

Orange is one of those colours that people seem to either love or hate.  I’ve heard florists say that its the least requested colour for wedding flowers – and that they are often told ‘anything but orange’! I like orange.  … Continue reading

Linden green wedding pinspiration board

I’ve been developing a bit of a pistachio colour-crush and so am embracing Pantone’s linden green with enthusiasm.  For me, pistachio sits somewhere between lime, sage and mint; softer than lime, brighter than sage, yellower than mint. Pistachio, or linden … Continue reading

Red and blue wedding colour theme

Today, I’m taking inspiration from one of Pantone’s boldest autumn colours: samba.  This rich red will make a gorgeous colour for autumn and winter weddings. But summer is not quite over and the skies are still blue, so I’m contrasting … Continue reading

Pantone colours for autumn 2013

It seems a little premature to be thinking about autumn colours on a sunny August bank holiday…but September is just around the corner and it’s time for me to start looking at Pantone’s Fall 2013 colours. These colours will be … Continue reading