Sublime citrine: November birthstone jewellery guide

Citrine is one of my absolute favourite gemstones – I love its warm golden hue. It’s also believed to increase self-esteem and happiness and protect against negativity.  What more could you want from a gemstone? Here are some of my … Continue reading

October opals: October birthstone jewellery guide

Opal is the birthstone for October. It is believed to be the most powerful healing stone.  It’s meant to signify hope and great achievement and to bring luck and inner confidence to the wearer.  Opals are also very pretty and … Continue reading

Fabulous flamingoes.

Do you know that flamingoes are pink because they eat prawns?  This was a new one on me until a year or two ago, when my young daughter came home from school, bursting with knowledge. Since then, I’ve started collecting … Continue reading

Pink sapphires for September

I’ve got a big soft spot for pink.  It’s an optimistic, happy colour and there’s something calming and contented about it.  Sadly, it’s not an easy colour for me to wear, but I love seeing it on other people. This … Continue reading

Magpie Workshop: artistic wedding favours

Today,  I would like to share with you the work of my friend Jeanne from Magpie Workshop. Jeanne makes exquisite collage art on a small-scale: bookmarks, notebooks, miniature shrines, tiny boxes and more.  She takes the subjects of Renaissance paintings … Continue reading

My favourite things of the week: pink, pretty and playful.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.  We are halfway through the school summer holidays -a summer of easygoing bike-rides and ice-creams.  Probably because I am spending so much time with my children, my eye has been caught by cute … Continue reading

Handmade clutch bags for weddings and gifts – Red Ruby Rose

I love handmade clutch bags, which can make such a unique and stylish accessory for bridesmaids and wedding-goers.  We all need something gorgeous to hold our essentials at a big event and a classy clutch can really finish an outfit. … Continue reading

Rustic British flowers for weddings and gifts.

I had a clear idea of which flowers I wanted at my own wedding.  I did not however, have any idea where those flowers came from, until my florist informed me that a lorry was on its way from Holland, … Continue reading