Wrap bracelets and love-knot ring

Knotted, braided and wrap bracelets…sigh.  They are a boho trend that I’m a little bit in love with.  I’m determined to find the time to make my own, but for now, am adding other people’s creations to my Christmas wish list.

Cardiocera in Poland, specialises in these leather wrap bracelets, which she sells on Etsy.  I particularly love these three:


boho bracelet 3

ImageThis natural pearl wrap bracelet by DESIGNbyANCE on Etsy, would make a perfect bridal accessory for a beach wedding:

boho bracelet 5I love this vibrant pink and gold knotted bracelet by BoutiqueMinimaliste on Etsy:

boho bracelet 1And this chic, classically nautical knotted bracelet by DobleEle on Etsy:

boho bracelet 6

All of these bracelets are so reasonably priced that it’s tempting to indulge in two or three.

And for a little something special that’s still on the knotted theme, this handmade sailor’s love knot ring, by NestedYellow on Etsy, is also very definitely on my Christmas list.

boho ringHow are your Christmas lists going?

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