Fabulous flamingoes.

Do you know that flamingoes are pink because they eat prawns?  This was a new one on me until a year or two ago, when my young daughter came home from school, bursting with knowledge.

Since then, I’ve started collecting all things flamingo for her.  I like to think it’s something we share, but actually, she’s getting more interested in ponies and I may have to admit that I’m now waving the flamingo flag all on my own.

Earlier in the year, I bought her this flamingo T-shirt from Boden.  She likes it, but she’s now got her eye on Boden’s pony pyjamas.

flamingo boden

Boden flamingo T-shirt – pinned by Sophie Bannister

Meanwhile, my flamingo phase continues.  Here are some of my favourite flamingo items:

flamingoes phone

Flamingoes iphone case by ShannonKirsten on Etsy.

flamingo invite

Flamingo party invitations by GreySquare on Etsy

flamingo photo

Flamingoes photography print – MarshaHolmes on Etsy

flamingo hat

Flamingo fascinator by PearlsandSwine on Etsy.

flamingo wall

Flamingo wallpaper as featured on Peonies + Brass.

flamingo cake topper

Flamingo cake topper – beckykazana on Etsy.

Honey Willow: handmade jewellery for weddings and gifts, lovingly made in Bath, England.

Folliow me on Pinterest for more wedding and gift ideas.


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