Ombre wedding cakes

I adore ombre (or shaded) effect and I use it in my jewellery as much as possible.

Right now, the ombre trend is all over wedding cakes.  You don’t see so many traditional, stiffly-iced plain white cake these days.  Gorgeous, colourful ombre wedding cakes are everywhere.

I’ve chosen a selection of my favourites to make up this ombre wedding cake inspiration board.  It was really hard to narrow down the choice (can you tell by how much I’ve stuffed the board with images?!).  I love how many different ways these inventive cake designers have shown the ombre effect: cut-out petals, hearts and spots, watercolour-effect icing, stripes, butterflies…and even in layers inside the cake.

My favourite is the naked (un-iced) cake.  Which is yours?

ImageFrom top left:

Naked ombre cake with succulents: image from tumblr, wedding cake with edible green buttterflies: incrEDIBLEtoppers on Etsy, teal green flower cake:, glittery orange-yellow cake:, pink ombre cake slice:, yellow ombre cake:, angular orange cake:, pink ombre cake:, red striped cake by Nine Cakes, image from, blue ombre cake topped with white doves: image uploaded to Pinterest, grey spotted cake:, peach petal cake:, white cake with ombre orange scalloped edges:, purple heart cake:

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