August: busy month in Alabama

August has gone already and my best selling jewellery piece of the month was the ‘Natalie’ birthstone necklace.  I wanted to make a birthstone necklace that was delicate and discreet, perfect for layering or wearing on its own, so the ‘Natalie’ is made of a single birthstone that sparkles from the hollow in the throat.


Aquamarine necklace – March birthstone


Garnet necklace – January birthstone


Sapphire necklace – September birthstone

And one of the places from where I have had the most customers in August is Alabama, right down in the south of the United States.  I love the name ‘Alabama’ and it look like a beautiful place to visit.  Here are inspiring images for my future US road-trip.


Road in Alabama


House on the University of Alabama campus.


Heflen, Alabama – Nancy Sirkis Photography


Monroe County, Alabama

Thank you to all of my customers this month!

Honey Willow: jewellery lovingly handmade in Bath, England.

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