Pantone’s koi: orange wedding pinspiration board

Orange is one of those colours that people seem to either love or hate.  I’ve heard florists say that its the least requested colour for wedding flowers – and that they are often told ‘anything but orange’! I like orange.  … Continue reading

Birdcage veils for the vintage-inspired and modern bride.

Birdcage veils are a big wedding trend right now; they are flying high with both the modern and the vintage-inspired bride. First popular in the 1940s, the birdcage veil is the perfect accessory for many brides planning a vintage-style wedding.  … Continue reading

Fabulous flamingoes.

Do you know that flamingoes are pink because they eat prawns?  This was a new one on me until a year or two ago, when my young daughter came home from school, bursting with knowledge. Since then, I’ve started collecting … Continue reading

Linden green wedding pinspiration board

I’ve been developing a bit of a pistachio colour-crush and so am embracing Pantone’s linden green with enthusiasm.  For me, pistachio sits somewhere between lime, sage and mint; softer than lime, brighter than sage, yellower than mint. Pistachio, or linden … Continue reading

Honey Willow shop sale

My eldest child, Hugo, has just turned ten – and to celebrate, I’m having a 20% sale in my Etsy shop, for ten whole days. Instead of a birthday party, Hugo had his first ever sleepover, which involved lots of … Continue reading

Pink sapphires for September

I’ve got a big soft spot for pink.  It’s an optimistic, happy colour and there’s something calming and contented about it.  Sadly, it’s not an easy colour for me to wear, but I love seeing it on other people. This … Continue reading

Ombre wedding cakes

I adore ombre (or shaded) effect and I use it in my jewellery as much as possible. Right now, the ombre trend is all over wedding cakes.  You don’t see so many traditional, stiffly-iced plain white cake these days.  Gorgeous, … Continue reading

Red and blue wedding colour theme

Today, I’m taking inspiration from one of Pantone’s boldest autumn colours: samba.  This rich red will make a gorgeous colour for autumn and winter weddings. But summer is not quite over and the skies are still blue, so I’m contrasting … Continue reading