Pantone colours for autumn 2013

It seems a little premature to be thinking about autumn colours on a sunny August bank holiday…but September is just around the corner and it’s time for me to start looking at Pantone’s Fall 2013 colours.


Image from brandigirlblog

These colours will be among the most prominent colour trends for clothes, accessories and weddings over the next six months and I think they are a strong set of autumn/winter shades.  If you have ever had your colours analysed, fellow autumns will recognise the soft tones of linden green and deep lichen green, the warmth of carafe and bright tangerine.  You lucky winters will relate to all those gorgeous jewel colours and to the steady neutral grey of turbulence.

I’m a real sucker for pink and the most instantly eye-catching colour for me is Vivacious, somewhere between fuchsia and a deep raspberry pink, which goes with pretty much everything else in the palette.  This is definitely going to be one of my faves.


Vivacious – image from

I also have a soft spot for the other berry shade: acai, as this dark purple is very similar to the colour theme at my own wedding.


Acai – image from

I really love the dark neutrals in this colour palette.  Smart grey turbulence, brown-with-a-hint-of-gold carafe and intriguing greyish green deep lichen green are a great foil for the brighter colours.


Turbulence – image from


Carafe – image:


Deep lichen green –

I’m delighted to see that linden green is very close to pistachio green, which I’ve got a growing crush on.  Pistachio and rose is the loveliest combination, particularly for weddings.


Linden green –

I’ve got another colour crush at the moment: plum.  I’m excited to see beaujolais in the pantone fall colours for men.  As you’ve probably guessed, I love these rich, warm berry colours and I hope the guys don’t mind, but I’m borrowing this one for my Pinterest wedding inspiration boards!


Beaujolais – image from

From a jewellery perspective, I always look at which gemstones I can match to which colour.  As many of this autumn’s colours are in jewel tones, I’m in luck.  Dark, grape amethyst will work for acai.  Lapis lazuli could work for Mykonos blue.

pantone mykonos

Mykonos blue – image from

Lighter, dyed rubies are the shade of samba.

pantone samba

Samba – image from

And vivid orange carnelian will be perfect for tangerine.

pantone tangerine

Tangerine – image from

I’m hoping that Pantone colour of the year emerald really comes into its own this autumn and it should be a popular colour for Christmas weddings.

pantone emerald

emerald green –

If I had to pick, my favourite colour would be beaujolais.  No, vivacious.  Oh, one of the two!  Which is yours?


4 thoughts on “Pantone colours for autumn 2013

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