Dahlias – wedding flower inspiration

It’s dahlia season and here in Bath, this indomitably colourful, upright flower is in full bloom.

The dahlia hasn’t always been the most fashionable flower, having a (not unfounded) reputation for being ever-present in suburban gardens and allotments and almost never-present in stylish floral arrangements.

But the dahlia is making a comeback.  Its drawbacks (it’s unscented, is rather solid and can be garish), are also its strengths.  It’s a very reliable cut-flower (hence its popularity on allotments), doesn’t flop or fade quickly and it comes in a huge range of colours and shapes.

You can get anemone dahlias, ball dahlias, the popular cactus dahlias, the equally popular pompon dahlias and the sweetly simple single dahlias.

This mixed bouquet shows off the range of textures and colours that a dahlia can offer.


Mixed dahlia bouquet – forevermore events

Dahlias can come in pure, snowy white:


White dahlia bouquet – image from Pinterest

…pale, blush shades:


Bush pink dahlia – anastasiaehlers.com

…peaches, pinks and corals…


Coral bridesmaid bouquet: flyawaybride.com

…yellow and orange…


Yellow and orange dahlia bouquet – image from Pinterest

…pink and reds…


red and pink dahlia bouquet – luxefinds.com

…and deep, dark wine colours.


Dark claret dahlia bouquet – Limn & Lovely

Dahlias can be multi-coloured:

dahlias stripy

Stripy pink dahlias – theroseshed.co.uk


Aubergine dahlia bouquet – Martha Stewart weddings

…and the single dahlias can be powerfully simple:

dahlia single

Single-flowered dahlia in a mixed bouquet – afloral.com

I love this unusual bouquet, which contrasts the tight balls of pompon dahlias with fluffier flowers:

dahlia poms

Pompon dahlia bouquet – image from Pinterest

And this idea of displaying just the flower-heads in vintage saucers is so pretty:


Dahlias in vintage saucers – hearthandmade.co.uk

And my favourite dahlia bouquet is this one, which shows that the sturdy dahlia really can be part of a romantically ethereal, trendily rustic bouquet.

dahlia faves

Rustic dahlia bouquet – Image from Pinterest via Dartmoor Flowers

I hope that these gorgeous images inspire you to include dahlias in your late summer wedding day.

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