My favourite things of the week: pink, pretty and playful.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.  We are halfway through the school summer holidays -a summer of easygoing bike-rides and ice-creams.  Probably because I am spending so much time with my children, my eye has been caught by cute and kitsch things this week.


Pink stud earrings by FlowerLandShop on Etsy

These gorgeous polymer clay earrings by FlowerLandShop in Rome are just so bright and wearable.  I love the shading on them, and that you can see the brush-marks and know that they are made by a real person with imagination.  Definitely on my Would-Like List.


Fabs, limited edition print by JoelPenkman on Etsy.

This print of my childrens’ favourite ice lollies – Fabs – is also on my Would-Like-List.  It’s beautifully painted, I love the colours and my children would never tire of looking at it.


Children’s playhouse: HG:TV via Hearthandmade

As for this beautiful children’s playhouse…it just makes me sigh.  The roses growing along the path, the antique furniture just visible inside.  It’s a playhouse just as much for us mothers as for the daughters.

Honey Willow: jewellery for weddings and gift, lovingly handmade in Bath, England.

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