Handmade clutch bags for weddings and gifts – Red Ruby Rose

I love handmade clutch bags, which can make such a unique and stylish accessory for bridesmaids and wedding-goers.  We all need something gorgeous to hold our essentials at a big event and a classy clutch can really finish an outfit.

I’m a big fan of redrubyrose, based down the road from me in Bristol.  Rowena Dugdale creates contemporary and nature inspired clutches and also coin purses, one of which I own – and I can attest to how beautifully made and finished the purses are.  All are priced at between $50 – $100.

My own purse is a petite version of this peacock clutch, made in silk, lusciously padded, with a teal lining.

ImageRowena makes a selection of butterfly-themed clutches – my favourite of which features this striking blue butterfly on a tangled background.

ImageI love these gracefully courting swans, the perfect wedding accessory:

ImageRowena features beautiful tree designs, such as this densely patterned silver birch, perfect for a woodland wedding:

ImageI love the ethereal starburst flower motifs:


Imageand the delicate fern designs:


And most of all, I adore the flower designs…



…particularly the haunting ‘forest lights’:

ImageThe clutches are even works of art on the inside:


All images from RedRubyRose – a shop well worth browsing.

Honey Willow: handmade jewellery for weddings and gifts, Bath, England.

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