My favourite things of the week.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m lying on the sofa with a cup of tea, catching up on my favourite blogs.  The children are being benign and my husband is cooking brunch.  The only cloud in the blue sky of my bliss is…I’ve got a cracking hangover.  We had such a fun evening, with friends who were rather too good at refilling our glasses – which gives me a genuine excuse to spend the morning horizontal with my laptop.

I create, pin, follow and blog about lovely things and this morning I’m going to share my three most favourite lovely things that I’ve come across this week.  Please, indulge me.

I just love this look: classic, unfussy and elegant.  I love the shoes, I love the bag, but most of all I love the skirt.  That is my kind of skirt, perfect for giving a bit of shape to a straight-up-and-down girl like me.

Looking at flowers is one of my favourite things and my Pinterest boards are full of wedding bouquets.  However, this image from my feature on Common Farm Flowers earlier in the week, has really stuck in my mind.  There is something so hauntingly beautiful about this bunch of white lilac against old, English, white-washed walls.

And I think this might just be the loveliest wedding dress I’ve seen in a while.  Softly flowing, feminine and romantic – and that back!  It’s by Maria Lucia Hohan. Gorgeous.

Right, nearly time to get off the sofa.  Nearly…not quite.

Honey Willow: jewellery for weddings and gifts, lovingly handmade in Bath, England.

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