Mona Lisa necklace and Utah

July has been a good month for Honey Willow jewellery – and my most popular seller of the month was the ruby Mona Lisa necklace, a pretty birthstone jewellery gift for July birthdays.


Ruby Mona Lisa necklace – Honey Willow

I call this style of necklace the Mona Lisa, because the row of gemstones curves up just a little at the corners, like Mona Lisa’s half-smile.  The ruby version is so pretty, with tiny, sparkling rubies shaded from blood-red through to rose-pink.

As for my customers over the last month…unexpectedly, I’ve sent more jewellery to Utah in the United States than anywhere else in the world.  Growing up in London in the 90s, the closest I ever got to Utah was the dance band Utah Saints.  But it turns out that Utah, according to a 2012 poll, was voted best US state to live in for quality of life.

Just look at some of these amazing images.  I’m definitely adding Utah to my road trip list.

A big thank you to all of my customers, from all over the world!

Honey Willow: jewellery for weddings and gift, lovingly handmade in Bath, England.

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