Rustic British flowers for weddings and gifts.

I had a clear idea of which flowers I wanted at my own wedding.  I did not however, have any idea where those flowers came from, until my florist informed me that a lorry was on its way from Holland, laden with flora for my wedding.  As far as I’m aware, the only home-grown blooms were the sweet peas in my bouquet, grown by the florist’s grandfather.  Those little sweet peas were my favourite flowers on that fabulously floriferous day, because they had an identity – I knew where they came from.

AX-3387 (15)

My wedding bouquet, with home grown sweet peas.

Not long after my wedding, I watched a documentary about the British flower-growing industry, which at the time was struggling to compete against cheap imported flowers.  I already knew about buying locally-produced food, but it had never occurred to me that locally-grown flowers would also be fresher and more environmentally friendly.  If I were to have my wedding again, I would undoubtedly have more British-grown flowers.

I recently came across Common Farm Flowers, a flower farm down the road in Somerset.  This family business supplies bouquets for gifts and flowers for weddings.  All of the flowers are British-grown and almost all are grown on their own farm and are cut and delivered on the same day.  Georgie Newbery, who owns the business and grows, cuts and arranges the flowers, estimates that ‘the flower industry is about ten years behind the food industry as far as public awareness goes.  A cheap bunch of flowers bought from the supermarket on your way home on a Friday might very likely have come from three different continents and travelled up to 15,000 miles’.

So, if you’re planning a rustic wedding and are looking for proper British flowers to fill the room with scent, then take inspiration from some of these wedding arrangements from Common Farm Flowers.

farm flowers 3

Wildflower arrangement

farm flowers 1

Rose and sweet pea bouquets.

farm flowers 4

Rose and hydrangea flower arrangements.

farm flowers 2

Sweet pea flower arrangements.

farm flowers 5

Purple dahlia bouquets.

farm flowers 6

White and cream floral wreath.

farm flowers 7

Spring flower bouquet.

farm flowers 8

British flowers in jam jars.

farm flowers10

Rose-petal confetti.

farm flowers 9

White lilac flower arrangement.

All images apart from the first, from Common Farm Flowers.

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