Lovelink, Texas and Bobby Ewing

At the end of the month, I like to review which of my jewellery designs has sold the most and also where in the world I’ve had the most orders from.

One of my biggest sellers for June has been my Lovelink necklaces and bracelets.  They make a popular gift for bridesmaids, sisters, best friends and girlfriends.  The linked rings are handmade, hammered for texture and polished for sparkle, then attached to fine, doubled-up chain.  They are easy and comfortable to wear, affordable and are made and given with love.

Because I sell on Etsy, most of my customers are American and when I look at the geography of my monthly sales, I treat each US state like its a country in its own right.  This month, I’ve had more customers from Texas than from the entire UK, Australia, Canada or any other US state.  I love looking up these places (most of which I’ve never been to) and trying to find out something about them.  I confess that my knowledge of Texas is limited to: cousins in Houston…and the TV show Dallas.  Dallas had a big impact on my early years, even though I was too young to really understand the story-lines.  All I knew was it was glamorous, fun and to my little eyes, Bobby Ewing seemed to be the perfect man.


Houston –


Bobby Ewing…sigh –

Here are five facts I’ve just found out about Texas:

– More land is farmed in Texas than any other state and it produces more wool than any other state.  (And I always envisaged the fields in Texas to be oilfields…)

– Austin, Texas is considered to be the world’s live music capital.

– Chilli is the official dish of Texas – yum!

– The Encyclopedia Britannica is apparently banned in the state because it contains a formula for making beer.

– Finally, 75% of the world’s Snickers Bars are made in Waco.  I love Snickers and next time I eat one, I’ll think of Texas.

Thank you to my Texan customers!  And if you know a few more facts about Texas than me (let’s face it, that can’t be hard!), then please do enlighten me!


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