Rich, red ruby – July birthstone jewellery

Ruby is July’s birthstone.  It is believed to be a very powerful gemstone, which heightens awareness and increases vitality and self-confidence. It is the stone of friendship and love.

Recently, I have been busy making ruby jewellery in anticipation of July birthday gifts.  The only problem is, I dropped my camera a few days ago and have smashed the macros lens – ouch.  Estimated repair time – four weeks – double ouch.  I only bought it a few weeks ago and it must have been the easiest sale the camera-shop-lady ever made.  I looked through it, she held out her hand, the camera focused in on her wedding ring BY ITSELF, the ring popped out at me – even though I was a good foot or two away, I pressed the button…and the shot looked great.  I didn’t even need a flipping tripod!

So I’ve tried my old lens…and decided that I will not bother with photography until the magical macro is back.

My own new ruby designs may not make it into my Etsy shop just yet, but there’s plenty of other beautiful ruby jewellery around and here are some of my favourites.

I love both of these adorable ruby earrings:


Ruby drop earrings by AnnalisJewelry on Etsy

And there is something so richly luxurious about a ruby ring.


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