Little pink rose – a late bloomer

We inherited a rambling rose in our garden.  It hogs a south-facing wall and has never flowered in the five years that we have lived here.  It’s bushy, leafy…clearly alive and kicking…yet it’s never bloomed.  My husband – who hates spiky things – threatens to pull it up every year, but I always ask for it to be given one more chance.  Every year, I prune it, then watch and wait.

This spring, with no signs of buds, I resigned myself to the fact that maybe this is one rose that is just not ready to be the best that she can be.  But today, something on that south-facing wall caught my eye.  Beautiful, pale-pink flowers with honey-yellow centres.  The rose has finally bloomed – and it’s worth the wait.  These blooms aren’t big and showy, they’re simple, modest and just lovely – I’m so glad this rose is showing herself at last.  This little rose has made my day – a testament to patience, hope – and late bloomers!



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