Vintage wedding pin board

I have to confess: I’m a Pinterest junkie.  All those idyllic images – it’s creative heaven.  I greedily have several pin boards, which I use for inspiration and sharing ideas.  Every now and then, I’d like to blog some of my favourite images from one of my pin boards.  This evening, it’s my vintage wedding board.

Ah yes…vintage weddings.  Are you over them yet, or can you still not get enough?  These days we’re spoiled for choice with ideas for vintage weddings.  When I got married six years ago, I had vintage birdcages, mismatched old china and trifle bowls like the ones my Nanna had.  I think I was trying to go for a touch of old-fashioned, shabby chic.  Since then the vintage vibe has grown and many brides go for an authentic interpretation of a particular era.  Here is my whistlestop look at bridal styles from the 19th century onwards.  My favourite is the 1950s look.  Which is yours?

Victorian inspired wedding dress:

Edwardian bride:

102os inspired bride:

1930s inspired wedding dress:

1940s inspired wedding dress:

1940s hairstyle:

1950s inspired wedding dress:

1960s style crochet lace wedding dress:

An original 1970s wedding dress:

I’m going to stop there.  I dug deep into the bowels of the internet to find an image of an 80s wedding dress that I really liked.  And I failed.  I hope that puff sleeves never come back into fashion.  Ever.


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