Wonderful wedding cakes

I love cakes.  I love weddings.  I love wedding cakes.  Yet I’ve been to many a wedding where an unremarkable cake sits unremarked upon in a corner, unnoticed when it’s cut and uneaten by most of the guests.  Aren’t we a meant to be a nation of cake-lovers, worshipping at the altar of Mary Berry?

I have to be honest – my own wedding cake was underwhelming.  I’m a keen baker, considered calling one of my daughters Nigella and I depend upon my KitchenAid mixer the way most women depend upon on their hairdryer.  I felt it was my duty to choose a lovely and expensive wedding cake.  I confess that I was actually very grandiose about my cake.  It had to be picked up from halfway across the country at a particular time on a particular day by my poor brother-in-law, who dutifully and reverentially delivered it like an organ for transplanting, still fresh and warm and incredibly precious.  Image

Yet all of this effort and emphasis didn’t stop it fading into the background at my wedding, which was actually a good thing, as not only did it end up being presented in a funky dual cake-stand format, but it spent the evening slowly sinking, like a polite drunk, until we hastily cut it before it collapsed.  Most unforgivably of all, it tasted bit…well…dry.

So it just goes to show, even if the bride is a fully signed-up member of the cake cult, she can still manage to have a jolly ordinary wedding cake.

However, I have recently been salivating over the website of a London-based cake-maker: Cakes by Krishanthi.  There is nothing ordinary about these cakes and no chance of them fading into the background.  They even manage to stand up straight.

flower cake




Imageyellow cake

boho cake


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