Flower crowns…so summer 2013

It’s official: it’s not just boho brides and Lana del Ray that are wearing flower crowns.  They are one of the hottest trends of summer 2013.  So says Grazia magazine.  What bigger endorsement could this trend want?!


Brides, I urge you to jump on this bandwagon and run with it!  Etsy is a huge resource for flower crowns.  There are so many talented flower-weaving magicians on there.  One of my long-time favourite shops is BeSomethingNew.  They make incredibly intricate and unique wreaths, crowns, headbands and fascinators, in rustic and vintage styles. Here are two of my favourites from their Etsy shop:


Peach and lavender flower crown – BeSomethingNew


Woodland Forest flower crown – BeSomethingNew

whichgoose is another favourite shop of mine, for consistently desirable and beautifully photographed flower crowns and wreaths.


Baby’s breath and pearl flower crown – whichgoose on Etsy


Dried flower crown – whichgoose on Etsy


Magenta and pink flower crown – whichgoose on Etsy

An Etsy shop called kisforkani also caught my eye and not just because its owner is an Aussie – you gotta love ’em (literally – I’m married to one ;-)).  Here you’ll find gloriously bright, plush flower crowns galore.


Yellow statement flower crown – kisforkani on Etsy

Here are a couple of other romantic, whimsical favourites of mine:


Peach and pink peony flower crown – rougepony on Etsy

And if you’re still looking for inspiration, boho-weddings.com even has a pinterest pin board dedicated to flower crowns.

As for me, I’m trying to work out an opportunity for a flower crown this summer.  A silver flower crown for a friend’s silver wedding?  A baby’s breath crown for my baby god-daughter’s christening?  I’m stretching it, I know.


Oversized flower crown – EllaGajewskaHATS

What about this for the school run?!


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