Analisa and Bridge’s Tuscan Wedding – tips for other brides

Welcome to the final part of my feature on Analisa and Bridge’s romantic and fun wedding at Castello di Modanella in Italy.  We have looked at Analisa’s bridal style, her bridesmaids, the wedding reception, their personal touches and memorable moments and now Analisa shares her tips for other brides planning their weddings.


Pinterest was brilliant.  I created a board so I had all the ideas and things I wanted to buy in one place.  Ebay and Etsy were also fantastic.  I bought so much from them, as you can find things more reasonably priced than in the shops and they are often unique, one-off pieces which makes it feel more special.

ImageMy parents were a great help.  I know others who unfortunately didn’t have the same experiences with family members, but my parents really helped with the planning and organisation and took some of the pressure off, so if you’ve got the offer of help from friends and family, do take it.  Also, I would advise anyone to go to wedding fairs.  We only went to one, but it gave us some good ideas and a concept of costs.


Thank you to Analisa and Bridge for sharing their beautiful, personal wedding with us.

Lelia Scarfiotti took the gorgeous photos.


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