Peony heaven

I came across this ravishing wedding cake earlier today on Pinterest, its impressive tiers draped, beauty queen style in a sash of peonies.  This is my pin-up kind of wedding cake.


It’s peony season at the moment and I’m seeing my favourite flowers not just in florist shops, but bursting out of front gardens and radiating from corners of our local allotment.  On my 25th birthday, my boyfriend (now my husband), sent me twenty-five flamingo pink peonies.  I felt like the luckiest girl in London.  When we got married, I had peonies in my wedding bouquet and when we renew our vows (here’s hoping!), I’m having them again.

All of the bouquets above contain either lilac or sweet peas and would be gorgeously scented.  But if you prefer to forgo fragrance for a bouquet that would last forever, Etsy has some lovely silk peony bouquets.

For peony heaven at your reception, you could go with the sumptuous, budget blowing look below, or something simpler, yet still so effective.


And sometimes just one peony is beautiful enough.



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