Analisa and Bridge’s Tuscan Wedding: challenges

Analisa and Bridge, from North London, had a romantic September wedding at the Castello di Modanella in Italy.  Analisa has shared her style tips and reception ideas and her high points; here are some of her more challenging wedding moments:


What were the hardest choices you made when planning your wedding?

Who to invite!  We wanted to keep the number to around 100, but it was hard to keep the numbers down and not feel guilty about not inviting everyone!

Were there any unexpected dramas at your wedding?

It rained!  You don’t expect to leave England and fly to Italy to get rained on!  It had been hot sunshine leading up to the wedding, but the night before, the weather started breaking up and by the day of the wedding it was grey and raining.  Initially, I was really upset.  We moved the ceremony to a different area of the castle and got married underneath a canopy, rather than by the swimming pool.  By the time we were married it had stopped raining so we could have our photos taken outside and the light was actually really beautiful.  We had planned to eat outside in the courtyard, but it was too cold and instead the wedding breakfast was held in the castle’s medieval banqueting hall, a beautiful old brick vaulted room, which actually created a more intimate setting.  Thankfully, it all turned out well in the end.





We also missed our flight out to Italy.  We had a nightmare cab journey with a terrible driver and we ended up having to wait in the airport for ten hours and buy new flights, so we lost a whole day at the castle.

Were there any funny or embarrassing moments?

When we finally arrived at our villa after missing our flight, we eventually went to bed around 2am, but we had the window open as it was a warm night and two bats flew in!  I spent the next half hour under the duvet, screaming, with my husband-to-be jumping around the room with a towel on his head (he was worried about the bats getting tangled in his hair!), trying to get the bats out.  One flew out and we couldn’t find the other…then on the day of the wedding I found it dead in his underpants!  The smell was something else – the bat, not the underpants!

My husband also forgot his speech.  He had written it on his iPad but his best men couldn’t find it at the crucial moment, so the poor thing had to do it off the cuff!





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