Pantone Poppy Red

When I first looked at the Pantone colours for Spring 2013, Poppy Red sang out at me.  It’s such a fresh, warm shade of red, the kind that flatters both dark and fair skin types.  I had a feeling that Poppy Red could be an unexpected hit for summer weddings and over the past few weeks, have been noticing a growing red trend.

For an unforgettable power-packed punch, you could fully embrace red, Wang-style for yourself, or for your bridesmaids.

Or you could use red as an accent colour, in flowers or accessories.

Red anemone bouquet:, table flower arrangement:, red wedding cake:, white and red wedding cake:, red shoes:, flower, red pillbox hat: RubinaFascinators on Etsy.

Featured bride Analisa showed how a bright lipstick can bring a fresh, modern look to a bride.

Here is my own latest take on a touch of poppy red:

And finally…perhaps the most pulchritudinous poppy red accessory of all.  The perfect trendsetting home for an outrageously self-important feline.


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