Analisa and Bridge’s Tuscan Wedding – memorable moments

In this part of the feature on Analisa and Bridge’s September wedding at Castello di Modanella in Tuscany, Analisa shares her favourite memories.

ImageWhat were the most memorable moments of the day for you?

“There were so many. It really was as amazing as everyone says your wedding day is. Getting dressed by my mum and maid of honour, my dad walking me into the ceremony and me holding his arm so proudly. 

Seeing my beautiful bridesmaids and pageboys in their outfits and the girls shivering and me telling them to play a game where we pretend it was boiling hot, entering the courtyard after the ceremony with everyone around us blowing bubbles, the incredible food – unlike what everyone else says, I made a point of eating all my food as it was too good to waste! 

Seeing our cake brought in by two waiters on their shoulders because it was so enormous! It was a huge castle, but I had no idea as we had been let down a week before with our cake choice, but this alternative was just brilliant. 

Our first dance – this was the first time I really cried. I had thought I would cry all the way through the ceremony, but somehow kept it together until this point. 

Dancing to the song, ‘Where do you go my lovely?’ with my dad (his favourite song) and then stopping my parents from getting into their taxi to leave and convincing them to stay for another few hours by playing lots of Englebert! I could go on and on!

Thank you to Lelia Scarfiotti for the lovely photographs.


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