Personalised necklaces for some beautifully named bridesmaids

I recently had an order from a Canadian bride who wanted personalised birthstone necklaces for all of her bridal party.


I really enjoyed making the necklaces, particularly as the ladies I was making them for have such fabulous names, including ‘Kamryn’, ‘Aldina’ and my favourite: ‘Carisma’.

I needed to make a rush order of sapphires, as so many of this bridal party have September birthdays.  I’m envisaging a wedding buzzing with gorgeous Virgo girls dripping in Honey Willow jewellery.

Most importantly, the bride was really happy with the gifts for her girls.  She wrote to say, ‘Rhiannon, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!’ (cool chicks use caps), ‘I couldn’t have imagined anything more wonderful’.

She left some great, show-off feedback in my shop, too, recommending me to others and thanking me for my contribution to her wedding.  This is one of the reasons I love what I do – it feels pretty special to play even a tiny positive role in a couple’s wedding.  And I didn’t even have to leave my home to do my bit – although I’d love to meet cool Canadian Carisma.

‘Ella’ personalised birthstone necklaces – $46-$49 / £30


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