Analisa and Bridge’s Tuscan Wedding – wedding vibe

Welcome back to Analisa and Bridge’s romantic September wedding in Italy.  They got married at Castello di Modanella, near Siena.  We’ve looked at Analisa’s bridal style, now she shares her ideas for the event itself.


What sort of atmosphere did you want for yourselves and your guests and how did you achieve that?

“We wanted a very relaxed, informal wedding, where everyone could just have fun, have a mini-holiday (most people flew to Italy for three nights or more), eat wonderful Italian food and enjoy and explore the beautiful Tuscan surroundings.

analisa countryside png

We organised a three-day party: on the first night we hosted a cheese and wine party at our villa to kick off the celebrations and give everyone a chance to get to know each other.

Analisa Anna drink pngThe wedding took place at 4.30pm the next day in the grounds of the castle where we were all staying and it was followed by an incredible five-course Italian feast.

analisa reception hallanalisa menu png

analisa dinner png

analisa reception png

The party went on and on…we left people to it at 5am. The following day, we hosted a live music party around the main swimming pool from late afternoon onwards, where guests (and the groom), sang and played guitar and we ordered pizzas from the local pizzeria, with everyone contributing a bottle of wine or three! By the end of three days we felt like we had really spent quality time with all our guests.”

analisa party png


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