It’s raining petals

For the past few days, my children have been having great fun scooping up clouds of pink cherry blossom petals from the parks and pavements and throwing them over themselves and each other like confetti.  I love, love, love this time of year and I’ve picked out some of my favourite finds on Etsy, inspired by exquisite cherry blossoms.

ImageFrom top left to right:

Cherry blossom pendant by NeedfulObjects

Cherry blossom bridal wreath by thehoneycomb

Paris in the Springtime by rebeccaplotnick

Cherry blossom paper pom by Pomtree

Cherry blossom tree by aedoby

Pink cherry blossom wedding invitation by doodledewdesigns

Red cherry blossom resin bangle by caughtREDhandedTOO

Cherry blossom watercolour by favoriteflower

White cherry blossom bridal headband by 1PercentInspiration

Cherry blossom oil painting by ArtonlineGallery

Origami cherry blossoms by HuiBs

Cherry blossom hairpins by PetalbyPetal


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