Apricot- wedding trend of 2013?

I know that emerald green is the big colour of 2013, (though she’s currently being upstaged by her younger sister, the fresher, more spring-like mint-green).  But I’m getting a bit of a thing for warm, fruity apricot, which seems to be having a much-deserved comeback.  I’ve just had a big bridal party order for personalised necklaces made with apricot-pink opals.  Could apricot be one of the big wedding trends of 2013?
Here are some of my favourite apricot finds on Etsy:


Top photograph:

Personalised pink opal necklace

Bottom images, from left to right:

Apricot dress by FleetCollection

Apricot blossom clip by ayawedding

Swanky apricot pearl necklace by Featherjewellery

Apricot earrings by Jewelsalem

Apricot jellies by ZukrBoutique


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