Magnolia spring

When we moved into our house five years ago, one of the first things I saw was our neighbour’s magnificent magnolia tree, welcoming us to our new home.  This year, we’ve had such a long, cold winter that everything is blooming late and for three weeks now, we’ve been watching and waiting, like wedding guests excitedly anticipating the arrival of a beloved bride.  At last, she’s arrived, more beautiful than ever before.  I can’t look out of the window often enough.  My husband and I will spend the next few days debating about when she will peak…when she will have that perfect moment when all her flowers are at their fullest…then the petals will start to fall…and my neighbour will swiftly sweep them up (she runs a tight ship, my neighbour)…and it will all be over for another year.
ImageInspired by the magnolia, I’ve curated a few items in her honour:


From top row, left to right:

Paris in the Springtime by rebeccaplotnick on Etsy

Magnolia blossom watercolour by ArtisticWorksbyAnita on Etsy

Floral pale pink shawl by beeMAYA on Etsy

Small cream magnolia hair-clip by itsashorething on Etsy

Magnolia clutch purse by sirtom on Etsy

Miniature paper magnolias by gigigoods on Etsy

Tulle wedding dress by ouma on Etsy

Japanese Magnolias by carinamicc on Etsy

Handmade magnolia peach soap by sweetsnthings on Etsy


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