Analisa and Bridge – Tuscan Wedding: wedding venue

As promised, I love to feature the weddings of customers and friends in bite-size mouthfuls of deliciousness.

So let us commence with…Analisa and Bridge’s romantic September wedding in Italy!

Analisa Bridge

Analisa and Bridge live in North London.  Analisa is an advertising executive and Bridge is a graphic designer.

They decided to get married in Tuscany because Bridge is half Italian and they chose Castello di Modanella, near Siena for their wedding venue.  A 12th century castle, it offered a stunning historical location, great restaurant and comfortable self-catering accommodation for all of their guests.  Most of their guests stayed for several days and made a holiday out of the celebrations!

Analisa castle png

analisa views png


Analisa and Bridge planned to hold their wedding ceremony around the swimming pool, with the reception in the courtyard.  However, wet weather forced a last-minute change of plan and the ceremony was held under a canopy in the gardens and the reception was held in the twelfth-century banqueting hall.

Analisa and Bridge’s wedding ceremony under the canopy at Castello di Modanella

12th century reception hall at Castello di Modanella

Analisa’s bridal style.

Analisa and Bridge’s reception ideas.

Analisa’s memorable moments.


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