Sublime citrine: November birthstone jewellery guide

Citrine is one of my absolute favourite gemstones – I love its warm golden hue. It’s also believed to increase self-esteem and happiness and protect against negativity.  What more could you want from a gemstone? Here are some of my … Continue reading

Mykonos blue: royal blue wedding pinspiration

Today is one of those precious, sunny autumn days here in Bath.  Everything is golden: the sunlight, the autumn leaves, the sandstone buildings, the November birthstone citrines here on my workshop table.  It’s the kind of day that you want … Continue reading

Pantone’s vivacious: fuchsia pink wedding pinspiration

Vivacious, one of Pantone’s autumn colours for 2013, is a deep, rich fuchsia pink.  It’s warm, sexy and confident, the kind of colour that lets your guests know they’re in for a good time at your wedding. Fuchsia pink is … Continue reading

Autumn wedding flowers: cheerful cosmos

It’s now dark in the mornings when I wake up and I need a coat when I leave the house, but some summer flowers still linger, soaking up the afternoon sun. One of my favourites of these late bloomers is … Continue reading

Pantone’s acai: purple wedding pinspiration board.

Acai, one of Pantone’s autumn 2013 colours, is a deep, dark purple.  It’s the colour that I chose for my own beautiful bridesmaids, because it’s a shade that suits almost everyone, works well for both daytime through to evening and … Continue reading

October opals: October birthstone jewellery guide

Opal is the birthstone for October. It is believed to be the most powerful healing stone.  It’s meant to signify hope and great achievement and to bring luck and inner confidence to the wearer.  Opals are also very pretty and … Continue reading

Pantone’s koi: orange wedding pinspiration board

Orange is one of those colours that people seem to either love or hate.  I’ve heard florists say that its the least requested colour for wedding flowers – and that they are often told ‘anything but orange’! I like orange.  … Continue reading

Birdcage veils for the vintage-inspired and modern bride.

Birdcage veils are a big wedding trend right now; they are flying high with both the modern and the vintage-inspired bride. First popular in the 1940s, the birdcage veil is the perfect accessory for many brides planning a vintage-style wedding.  … Continue reading